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Gillian 16 juli 2019

Great experience

Consistent corrections, helpful suggestions to review concepts, speedy response, reasonable pricing. Very pleased with Scribbr, highly recommend and will use the service again.

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Jason 15 juli 2019

Frank did an amazing job

Frank did an amazing job, which greatly exceeded my expectations! He caught over five-times the number of errors that I thought may have existed. I accepted nearly all of his proposed changes, and the few that I did not, I seriously considered.He had many ways to better word things, which greatly improved the clarity of my writing. He corrected many subject-verb agreement flaws, which I am weak at, and he separated compound sentences with commas, which I rarely forget. Frank has an incredible eye for detail; for example, he even caught missing spaces within a couple formulas and tables.Frank was familiar with the subject matter—economics—down to the technical level. For example, he knew that economists conventionally write price elasticities of demand as positive numbers, although they are technically negative numbers. As I did not mention this in my text, he knew it would confuse my readers, and he recommended I explain this technicality in more detail. I was very impressed! Frank also gave advice on how to present graphs/equations more clearly, and he caught a few labeling errors between these and the body of the text, which is well beyond what traditional proofreaders do.These are only a few examples of how Frank has improved my writing. I give Frank five out of five stars—he is truly a master in his field. Without question, I will use Scribbr’s services again, and I will recommend them to my friends, colleagues, and students. Thank you!

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Rafael Licursi 15 juli 2019

I had the impression that the editor is…

I had the impression that the editor is not quite familiar with the field of study of my article. Besides that, in my last Scribbr review, almost every sentence was reconstructed in a more direct way, differently from this review. Or my English has really improved from that time to today (since I learned with the corrections from the last review), or the review was this time made in less detail. As I do not know, I will give 5 stars to avoid being unfair. However, I will think twice in ordering Scribbr again.

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Phuong-Thao Tran 15 juli 2019

excellent service :)

excellent service :)

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NoName 13 juli 2019

Perfect service

Scribbr is a fantastic service for students that need help on editing their works. Excellent customer service, very responsive and reliable. I have worked with two editors so far (Katie and Lora), and both are amazing in their works. Really appreciate all their help. I look forward to sending in my next essay for review.

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W. Craig Gilliam 12 juli 2019

Great job

Great job! Excellent resource. Thanks

Læs anmeldelse på Trustpilot
Olav 11 juli 2019

Service works excactly as advertised

Service works excactly as advertised, and with high quality.

Læs anmeldelse på Trustpilot
Tammy 11 juli 2019

Excellent work!!

Excellent work!!! so fast (I've reached to it only now...) smart and easy to follow! Thank you so much!

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Aino 11 juli 2019

Fantastic and timely response with a…

Fantastic and timely response with a lot of helpful tips! Would definitely recommend Janneke, and Scribbr in general!

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A. Kallstrom 10 juli 2019

Health care in the line of fire. Health care workers in Syria

I had very good experience. My reader Megan was super and she gave me very important tips to improve my article. I will use service again.

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Ash Port 10 juli 2019

Quick and will help you understand your…

Quick and will help you understand your mistakes so you can improve.

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Mingzhu Liu 8 juli 2019

good and fast editing work~

good and fast editing work~

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Gerry Campbell 8 juli 2019

This is my first time using Scribbr

This is my first time using Scribbr, but it won't be my last My editor was very thorough and I could the compassion that she had just by reading her comments. Now I don't feel unsure about turning in my final copy to the anthologist; thanks to Robyn.

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Alicia 8 juli 2019

Christina did a great job on my essay…

Christina did a great job on my essay and providing it with the cohesiveness it needed. Even just the little word or grammatical changes that were suggested completely transformed my essay! Would absolutely use this service again! Thanks Christina!

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Danielle Sutherland 6 juli 2019

Reasonable cost and stuck to their…

Reasonable cost and stuck to their deadline!

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Tatjana Domnina 5 juli 2019

The Best Editor

Lora Milan was very helpful, very prompt, giving always an excellent feedback to all my papers. I have worked with Lora for the last 8 months and never been disappointed, her editing work has been done in timely manner, with detailed feedback and high quality.

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David Peterson 3 juli 2019

I highly recommend this service!

The editor was patient and thorough in the proofreading and restructuring of my PhD dissertation. He provided detailed feedback so I understood why certain suggested changes were made, and was particularly helpful with reorganizing and trimming my abstract so it fit general formatting and content standards. I now feel more confident about how my dissertation will be evaluated through my institution's external review process.

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Megan P 2 juli 2019

Don't hesitate to use this service

Don't hesitate to use this service! It's amazing and the editing was so much better and more in depth than I thought it would be. I am very pleased and am so glad I tried it out! Will definitely be using Scribbr again.

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Dulcidio de la Guardia 2 juli 2019

This service is of great assistance

This service is of great assistance in making your essays more professional with clearer flow. They will make changes on your paper and explain why the change makes sense. Then you can decide if you want to accept the change or not.

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Stein Kolsto 2 juli 2019

I found the proofreading very…

I found the proofreading very satisfactory

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